Monday, March 13, 2006

Good weather for hiking

The weather.. is it good or bad? Why do we look out the window at precipitation and announce, oh it's awful out there?

We hiked in the pouring rain yesterday, and this is what happened:
1. the dogs chased each other with glee, dancing wet-bellied through the brilliantly green grass
2. we saw brand-new wildflowers poking up, including wild iris, snowdrops and some kind of bright red sprouts
3. we got out of breath in a nice cardio-vascular way, climbing the muddy hill
4. we breathed incredibly clean fresh air and smelled the earth
5. the landscape looked like a Chinese watercolor, with purple streaked sky and draping clouds
6. we caught up on news and ideas with friends that we just couldn't face re-scheduling with - it's been so hard to find time when we are all free
7. we saw a trail become a stream, and the manzanita and madrone trees looked glistening in their rainy gowns
8. we all got wet, and so when we got home, we threw our clothes in the dryer and had hot chocolate. Then we were dry, happy, and virtuous for having hiked on such a day.

Give it a try sometime...