Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Yes! L'Attitude is going to compete at the International convention in Las Vegas on October 11th. When I tell people that I have been competing for 19 years and will finally be singing at the next level, I feel just a teeny bit silly. That is a long time to be hitting one's head against the wall. But, lo and behold, the wall has given way. We are ranked 20th of all the quartets that competed this spring (over 1500 of them, I believe).

Now, the summer begins. The calendar is full already of rehearsals and coaching. We are doing some fund raising (which is usually not called for unless a quartet is "representing" a chorus or region at International). We want to make a demo cd and sing on a few shows, as well.

We went to Arnold, California last weekend for a quick getaway. What pretty country up there! It was a jam-packed holiday weekend, with Putnam County Spelling Bee in SF on Friday night, then a quartet rehearsal on Saturday, the drive up to Arnold, socializing/hiking/flea marketing on Sunday, drive home, and then host a barbecue on Monday. We played a new game called Articulation that I had bought at a garage sale for a dollar. It was pretty fun, though the turns lasted too long. Maybe it was that we had eight people playing. Eight people and five dogs - we had a wonderful time.

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