Friday, November 03, 2006

Four pleasant things about Autumn

The way the grass starts growing again after the first rain - thick and dense and soft with moisture.

The cooler nights with the stars so clear and near that you could touch them, if only you had a tall enough ladder.

Hearing birds in the morning who haven't been here for a while. The bird whose "tswooeeeoo" goes down in pitch almost an octave from onset to end.

The number of geese in the Vs that pass overhead gets enormous. They fly low and you can hear the creaking of the bones against the feathers.

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R.G.B. said...

I'll leave a comment both to let you know that I'm reading your new posts, and to say that this fall convinced me again that it is my favorite season (which I will say of winter after the first soft snow, the spring when it hits, and the summer when I sit out in some shade tree filtering the summer sun). The leaves were quite nice this year; not so brilliant as some, but they stayed around for a long while, giving show after show after they had a right to be gone.