Wednesday, November 22, 2006


This is pie season.. I have been enjoying making pies all year long, but now we have reached the month when pies are held in high esteem by nearly everyone. You see them for sale in great piles at the stores and farmers markets. The pies that you can buy are always just so - with a perfectly trimmed crust, with no spillage or juice that has bubbled over pooling around the bottom of the pan. They sit, neatly pristine, in a spotless white box and every slice comes out cleanly. I worry about how they get that way. Every pie I have made is just a bit messier than that.

Tonight and tomorrow I'll make a few pies for the feast. Pear and apple. I found a recipe in the NY Times for Pear Pomegranate, which sounds lovely, but requires pomegranate molassas, an item that I'm pretty sure I'll never find another use for. I think I'll pop in a few strawberries and achieve the same pretty pink that the pomegranate molassas would have provided. The apple recipe, from the same source, calls for thyme. That sounds lovely and savory and just right for pie season.

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