Sunday, December 31, 2006

End of year resolutions

What, making resolutions at the end of the year, instead of at the beginning? Today, I'm looking back and having some 'gee, I wish I could have..' thoughts about the year petering out as the clock moves forward.

I wish I could have spent some more time singing and less time working.
I wish I could have spent some more time with Glenna before she passed away.
I wish I could have spent some more time in New Zealand, especially on the west coast.

It's all about time, isn't it? and how it trickles away... we think we are "spending" it, but really we are swimming against its current, thinking we are getting somewhere, while it is pulling us with it, downstream, carving a shape in the landscape as it rushes through. What would happen if we let it pull, enjoy the flow, stop the resistance. Would that make life seem faster, or would it slow things down and allow for more energy to savor each passing scene?

Well, it's all metaphor and illusion... the only wisdom we seem to know is to live in the moment, whether pulling up or flowing down, and look at each other and say "I love you".

One resolution: I will blog more in 2007.

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Anonymous said...

I love you.