Friday, January 19, 2007

Flocks a lot

Today, the flock of robins descended on our backyard again - the holly berries are gone, but they roost at the very top of the neighbor's tree that borders our backyard, eating the berries there, and filling the empty branches of the peach tree. One particularly plump male sits on our patio roof, watching the busy antics of the sparrows at the feeder, while digging around in the gutter for bugs or worms (could a worm have crawled so high?). He seems too large to balance on the feeder himself, although the jays don't seem to mind, when they strongarm the little ones out of the way for an occasional feed.

Someone captured the amazing starling flock as it made art in our skies last week.

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R.G.B. said...

"Amazing Starling flock" shows how words can not describe satisfactorily some natural things. Wow, how great, fascinating and inspiring is that flock! It is almost organism-like in its behavior, the parts separating and re-joining.