Friday, February 23, 2007

Fellow clique member makes good

This week there was a flurry of emails among my old friends from high school. We had a very tight group, lo those many years ago (35 years? could it be?), and some of us still have each other's email addresses. Pete Pitchford, who as far as I knew, disappeared off the face of the earth around 1977, suddenly emailed everyone with an update on Chris Mouganis. He is in an indy-produced movie (still in post-production, according to called "Final Reckoning". Chris liked acting and film - he was in the drama club with the rest of us weirdos. According to some updates over the years, and google, he lives in South Carolina and has been acting in a Columbia theater. Another photo of Chris is here.

The other oddity of the week is that Russ Fox, who I blogged about last week, or someone claiming to be him, has commented on this page. That makes two appearances from out of the blue in one week. If he'd like to email me directly, I would be glad to put him in touch with all of these other emailers - Duane, Teresa, Jack, Pete, Donna D, Dave Boyd, etc.

One activity that tied us together when we were in high school was the "Animal Game". To seem rebellious and 'out there', we would sit on the floor or the ground in public and begin to play this silent 'simon-says' like game, with gestures that indicated certain animals. I would gesture like a monkey and then quickly follow with another gesture, like an elephant, say. The person identifying as the elephant would respond with their gesture and then another one, say the lion. These gestures would pass around the circle with increasing speed until we broke down into laughter.

We were the "freaks" or hippies in our school, strongly divided from the jocks. We were also mostly the smart ones, which I think kept us from getting into too much trouble.

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Peter Pitchford said...

Betsy, I was a Jock too!
Rather unusual I'll admit.
I helped break the record for the quarter mile relay.
Peter Pitchford.