Sunday, March 18, 2007

Cleaning out

Perhaps inspired by all the motion of packing and unpacking at Robert & James' (they moved to their dream house), we spent some time today clearing out our garage. Most of the stuff we got rid of was paper, magazines and old file folders from Barb's previous jobs. It's understandable that she likes to keep paper, since she is a writer and publishing is so important to her. But even she could not see the point of keeping many copies of, say, the NY Times Magazines from years ago. The articles are all online now and easily searchable.

Now we have a big stack of stuff that's ready for donation, and some room for storing the items that soon will have to be moved out of the house, in preparation for the upcoming remodel.

Yesterday, we went to hear Barack Obama speak at a rally in Oakland. The crowd was large, and the stage positioned so that only the very tall could view the stage. Holding my camera up as high as I could, I randomly snapped and viewed the results, and that way, saw him "in action". I was disappointed that he was using the time with the clearly motivated, interested and supportive audience to answer his defamers, explaining that he is "experienced enough" and that he wants to support the troops. Saying that you want to support the troops is pretty safe ground. I wish he had railed against the administration, and demanded that the troops come home.

I plan to hear as many of the candidates in person as possible before the next election. I think I am watching and listening for the one who I believe to have the charisma and vision of leadership. Someone who is more than just the political pundit. Here is a sample of the type of speech I WISH we had heard...

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Barbara Tannenbaum said...

You ROCK! Rock Star! Rock Star! Rock Star! Why do I praise you? Because I went to the link and was able to visit with Shirley Chisholm. ROCK MY WORLD!!