Sunday, March 11, 2007


A sudden reversal in temperature has caused all of the fruit trees to burst into bloom at once. The plum, cherries, and even the peach tree are all in full bloom, and the magnolia is just starting to put out leaves that will replace the glorious flowers. The daffodils are everywhere, iris are starting up, my lilac bush is pushing out buds, and the hills are suddenly green. The cold January and February held it all in abeyance, but now it's all appearing at once. Titus came and cut back our vines and plants that couldn't take the hard frosts this year, and today we went to Berkeley Horticultural and bought a trumpet vine to replace the old one. We couldn't resist some begonias, pansies and violas to brighten up the boxes on the front porch.

This week the mockingbirds returned to the neighborhood, impressing me with their full repetoire of impressions. A warbling bird with a grey crest has perked up my ears at the feeder, though I didn't get a good look at him. We even saw the first hummingbird down at the park this week, sitting quietly on a treebranch, as if exhausted from his long migratory trek. Too tired to flit and hum! Soon, I hope he'll be visiting our new vine.

We turned the clocks ahead early this year, and it seems absolutely appropriate timing to me. Why not push ahead into the spring and extend the evening with this perfectly lovely weather?

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