Thursday, April 19, 2007

Italian feasts

When the last season of the Sopranos debuted recently, we celebrated with our usual Italian food & wine feast. Here is the table, waiting for the lasagna and chicken piccata to arrive.

We are so looking forward to having REAL Italian cooking on our vacation. The neighborhood we are staying in, Trastevere in Rome, is supposed to be famous for its wonderful, cheap places to eat. We have gone twice to a newly-opened Sicilian restaurant here in San Rafael, Mezzo Mezzo, and enjoyed it very much. The Sicilian food is more seafood oriented, with an emphasis on sardines. I did not order the macaroni with sardine sauce here, thinking that the ones in Sicily would be much fresher and better. Or am I just postponing it? Sardines just don't sound appetising. But I'll try it!

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