Friday, June 08, 2007

Yes, I graduated

I'm thinking about graduation.. Ariana is graduating from middle school, and Ray & Roxanne are finished high school. I came across this list of 100 Words Every High School Graduate Should Know... and sure, they mostly seem familiar! I'm testing myself publically. Let's see how many I can get right. It has been a long time since my graduation! These are my guesses. I'll correct it later, or feel free to correct me in the comments, if you are a smartypants. Italics are what I looked up later.

abjure - swear WRONG - to swear to give up something
abrogate - something to do with the law? CLOSE to annul a law
abstemious - refraining from doing something
acumen - sharp mental ability
antebellum - before the civil war? or is it after? It's before
auspicious - it's a good sign
belie - goes against CLOSE to show to be false
bellicose - sounds like jolly, but I believe it's the opposite hostile
bowdlerize - edit another's writing, making it worse to expurgate! isn't that a word lower on this list! hey! that's not fair.
chicanery - foolishness, mischief WRONG trickery or deception
chromosome - carrier of genetic info
churlish - mean, full of spite WRONG rude, boorish
circumlocution - to physically go around something
circumnavigate - to go around the world
deciduous - the leaves fall off in the wintertime
deleterious - something that does not help WRONG harmful; injurious
diffident - without caring, indifferent
enervate - to give energy to WOW so WRONGthis is exactly the opposite: deprive of force or strength; destroy the vigor of; weaken
enfranchise - to give freedom to
epiphany - holy cow! I understand it now!
equinox - the day when day & night are the same length
euro - the monetary unit of Europe
evanescent - "what a surprise! evanescent Aunt Muriel!" BAD JOKE rapidly disappearing
expurgate - to get rid of, as in deleted text
facetious - light hearted, not serious
fatuous - smug and know-it-all WRONG asinine: devoid of intelligence
feckless - doesn't feck have something to do with hunger? but it sounds like someone who'll take a risk WRONG incompetent and ineffectual
fiduciary - has to do with money
filibuster - to talk and talk in Congress to prevent a bill's passage
gamete - I have no idea! High school was a looong time ago. Male or female reproductive cells
gauche - not suave, uncool
gerrymander - to chop up political districts for one party's advantage
hegemony - political domination
hemoglobin - red part of the blood
homogeneous - mixed up so that the distinct parts are no longer visible
hubris - pride (excessive pride)
hypotenuse - the long side of a triangle
impeach - what we should have done to Bush a few years back accuse
incognito - with a mask on, hidden identity
incontrovertible - unchangable, undeniable
inculcate - teach and impress by frequent repetitions or admonitions Does that work??
infrastructure - the basic building blocks of a system
interpolate - translate WRONG To estimate values
irony - hmm, hard to define, subtle double meaning the real meaning is concealed or contradicted
jejune - I'd like to be able to use jejune in a sentence insipid: lacking interest or significance
kinetic - moving, as in kinetic sculpture or kinetic energy
kowtow - to bow low, down to the floor
laissez faire - to leave alone
lexicon - vocabulary for a specific subject
loquacious - talkative
lugubrious - heavy CLOSE heavy-hearted, mournful
metamorphosis - change, like a cocoon to a butterfly
mitosis - cell division
moiety - does this have to do with moisture? WRONG one of two (approximately) equal parts
nanotechnology - the study of teeny tiny robots that are microscopic
nihilism - philosophy that "nothing" really matters existence is meaningless
nomenclature - the naming of something
nonsectarian - someone who is not a member
notarize - pay good money for someone to sign their name next to mine
obsequious - overly polite, to the point of being annoying CLOSE bootlicking
oligarchy - ruled by just a few people
omnipotent - all powerful
orthography - spelling
oxidize - to rust
parabola - a disc-shaped object studied in math class
paradigm - an understanding of reality
parameter - guidelines or limitations
pecuniary - monetary
photosynthesis - how plants use carbon dioxide to make oxygen
plagiarize - to steal someone else's ideas or writing
plasma - the clear part of the blood
polymer - another word for plastics
precipitous - about to happen
quasar - term from astronomy - a kind of star? celestial object which appears "star-like"
quotidian - daily
recapitulate - summarize
reciprocal - both sides do something in turn
reparation - payback
respiration - breathing
sanguine - brave
soliloquy - a solo speech
subjugate - to dominate over others
suffragist - someone who believes in the right to vote
supercilious - haughty, proud CLOSE disdainful
tautology - a term in logic used to mean something that is true
taxonomy - the structure of naming something
tectonic - used to describe geologic plates that move around over time
tempestuous - hot headed
thermodynamics - study of the power of heat
totalitarian - a regime that sees everything in black & white
unctuous - smarmy
usurp - take over
vacuous - like Paris Hilton, dumb as a post
vehement - strong, with emphasis
vortex - the center of a swirling mass
winnow - to pick through
wrought - done, brought about
xenophobe - someone who is afraid of foreign ideas or people
yeoman - strong person? CLOSE bodyguard
ziggurat - tower

Phew! that's enough brain work for today. Take the challenge yourself!

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R.G.B. said...


Tried your challenge, and didn’t blow it away, but thought I did OK. I always like to think I have better than average vocabulary, but maybe not. Here was my work through the list.I missed some, I liked my definition better on others, and couldn't resist a joke at the end.

(By the way, in response to yours answers. I didn’t miss your sneaking in that Bush bash, and I liked your evanescent pun, hard to believe enervate, and a parabola is not disk shaped, but a disk might have a cross section that is parobolic shaped.)

abjure -
abrogate – to hand over your rights to another
abstemious – quality of abstaining
acumen – special ability
antebellum – period before war
auspicious – special or notable (a. occasion)
belie – tells the tale on you- rats you out
bellicose – warlike
bowdlerize -
chicanery – mischief
chromosome – element of DNA or song by Paul Simon
churlish - .
circumlocution – go or talk in circles
circumnavigate – travel around the globe
deciduous – tree with annual leaf shedding
deleterious – harmful or at least not helpful
diffident - indifferent
enervate – charge up
enfranchise – to facilitate one
epiphany – ahah! Moment
equinox – astron. when day and night are same length
euro – new currency unit of Europe
evanescent – syn effervescent? Flitting away
expurgate – to rid of unwanted parts
facetious – sarcastic or laughingly intentionally stating the opposite
fatuous - dumb
feckless - clueless
fiduciary – financial responsibility
filibuster – unofficial parliamentary act of delaying by extended non-productive talk
gamete – stage of cell division
gauche – low rent, un-sophisticated
gerrymander – redistricting voting areas to try to gain advantage
hegemony – being independent and self-ruled as a nation
hemoglobin – red blood cells
homogeneous – thoroughly mixed so previously visible parts are not separate
hubris – false pride
hypotenuse – trig: diagonal side of right triangle
impeach – indict officially for wrongdoing in political office (not convict)
incognito – keeping identity a secret
incontrovertible – can not be argued –true without a doubt
inculcate – to transfer knowledge by overwhelming
infrastructure – internal structure and systems of an organization
interpolate – to determine values not specifically measured by reading between, or averaging or logically extending known data
irony - an outcome or fact that goes against logic or prediction, sometimes humorously.
jejune -
kinetic – energy of motion or in motion
kowtow – an oriental bow or prostrating oneself, or the metaphor of someone treating someone as if they were bowing down to them
laissez faire – hands off policy
lexicon – list of words used by a discipline or occupation
loquacious – full of words, talkative
lugubrious – hard to get along with(?)
metamorphosis – totally change from one state or thing to another
mitosis – some stage of cell division
moiety -
nanotechnology – atomic-scale technology and scientific discipline
nihilism – attitude or philosophy of nothing, negativity.
nomenclature – words that name things
nonsectarian – something not identifiable to any particular sect, or division, but more universal
notarize – have an official (legal) co-signer on a document
obsequious - overbearing
oligarchy – as opposed to monarchy(one ruler) instead, rule of many
omnipotent – having all the power
orthography – straight writing (?)
oxidize – combine chemically with oxygen, i.e. to rust
parabola – a mathematically defined curve, symmetrical, sort of U shaped, with special properties in nature.
paradigm – an accepted of rational set of explanations for a phenomenon
parameter – specific measurement or rule that is known.
pecuniary – has to do with coins or money
photosynthesis – process in green plants using chlorophyll to process carbon dioxide with oxygen as the by-product.
plagiarize – illegally and immorally publishing someone else’s written words or ideas as if they were your own original work.
plasma – blood is composed of this liquid as well as other cells, red, white, platelets, etc.
polymer – organic or synthetic chemical that is an ingredient of some plastics
precipitous – on the edge of falling or staged for suddenly happening
quasar – astron. A kind of star
quotidian -
recapitulate – go over again, the same as before or imitate a previous happening. (ontology recapitulates phylogeny)
reciprocal – an act in response to, or opposed to another act or occurrence
reparation – to pay back, to resolve a debt
respiration - breathing
sanguine – with love
soliloquy – a long monologue or speech alone
subjugate – to exercise control over others – make the your “subjects”
suffragist – activist complaining of suffering wrongs, especially lack of voting rights
supercilious – mocking
tautology -
taxonomy – collecting butterflies on pins
tectonic – study of geologic movement of continental plates
tempestuous - stormy
thermodynamics – science of transforming and generating energy by heat
totalitarian rule of a country by absolute authority of the leader.
unctuous -
usurp – willfully take over the powers or tasks of others.
vacuous – brainless, not very smart or absent minded.
vehement – being very forceful in stating what you mean
vortex – the peak of a electric field, a wind swirl of tornado, or the center of action
winnow – select the best from the whole, separating wheat from the chaff
wrought – accomplished, done “what hath God wrought”
xenophobe – fear of aliens or foreigners
yeoman – hero or notably brave and macho
ziggurat - “I’ve bin tryin’ to stop puffin’ on these nasty ziggurats”

• R.G. Brooks •