Friday, July 20, 2007

Long, long ago and faraway...

Last weekend they held a high school reunion, and I couldn't go. This would have been a great one to attend, because many friends who I considered to be close friends at that time, and many whom I have continued to call close friends since that time, did attend. So the emails and photos have been fast and furiously flying around the net, and I have joined Facebook just to see them (and I am enjoying Facebook, but that's a separate topic). Here's one photo that absolutely is haunting me.
I know the guy in the back row, on the left, that's Chris Mouganis, who I had wondered about for years, and who turned up looking nothing like I remembered.

But the others? I have no clue. I know that I once knew them, I know that they may even be friends from long ago, but honestly, if I ran into them face-to-face I would not even have the slightest idea who they are. If anyone from the reunion is reading this, will you please comment with any names you know, please?

Also, since when did my peers get so darned old? Why aren't these men dyeing their hair, at least, so that I can deceive myself into believing that we are still youngsters? Not that ageing is a bad thing - it's just hard to get my brain around it.

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