Monday, October 22, 2007

Cherry blossoms

This photo was taken in 1979, when I lived in Hamamatsu, Japan for a few years. Yo-chan took me to this town to sightsee - there was a castle and lots of cherry blossoms. Mostly we were looking at each other, I guess - look how young I was, and he was young, too, though much older than I. We met in a class - I was teaching conversational English to a bunch of men who worked for Yamaha & Suzuki Motor companies. They would take me out to drink beer and eat sushi, after class.

I also remember that the shirt I was wearing was sent to me by my mom, who had to send clothes to me, as I couldn't find my size in Japan. It was pure polyster, but at least it fit. I also liked it because it was slightly boyish. Before I left for Japan, I already knew I was a lesbian, although I had promised my parents I would try to change. Yo-chan was my attempt, and a pretty good one it was.

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I thought lesbians hated.....