Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Holidays past

This photo was taken in 1991, at a thanksgiving (or christmas?) dinner that we held in San Francisco, when we were living in Noe Valley (a neighborhood misnomer in our case, since our home was atop a very steep hill, above said valley). I think that apartment was the last one we lived in where we had enough room to host such a large holiday dinner. On the right, there is Danilo. Danilo has since passed away, but my memory of his sweet smile, his soft skin and his compassionate values keep him alive. Dan next, sporting much more hair and fewer bulging muscles than he does today, but just as energetic. I am next, with my original haircolor (long since gone) and almost the same 'do that I have now. Maybe it's time to update! Then comes our dear Charlie, who was less than a year from his death at this time. Charlie was a visionary who designed his own way of dancing through the world. Next to him is Liz, who we have lost touch with. She married a Turkish man and had a baby, and that was the last we heard. I hope it all worked out for her. Barb is there. People always say they are surprised at how young she looks. She really looked young then! My brother John, looking a bit grim for this photo. Usually he has such a nice smile. Fran is sporting the flash's reflection above her head - have you ever seen those websites where they post "proof" of ghosts, by showing pictures with this kind of light? Maybe we are seeing her aura. April looks fresh out of a Madonna video, with that big belt. Very foxy!

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Michael said...

Wow, this does take me back, especially since I lived there with you for a while. I love seeing Danilo, and Charlie ... whom I think of on a daily basis, since I rest my head on the pillow he made me whenever I read a book or watch TV in bed... he looks so good!

* sigh *