Thursday, October 04, 2007

Over and out

I gave blood today, which I do as regularly as possible. They have a procedure these days called the "double red", which is just about as science fiction-esque as you can imagine. Your blood comes out the tube, then it goes into some machine where they take out the red blood cells, and then the blood pressure cuff releases and the tube turns white, and the now-all-white blood fluids are returned to your body. Then the pump starts up again and starts taking red out of the arm again. It's really amazing, and allows them to get twice as much bang for the buck.

I enjoy thinking about the lives I may be saving when I give blood. I try to imagine all the pleasant walks on the beach, the loving families and the exciting adventures experienced by those people who happened to need my blood.

As I lay in the trailer, watching these imaginary people do their thing in my mind's eye, supersonic jets passed overhead in real life. It's Fleet Week, which means that the Blue Angels are here to zip and zoom around the Golden Gate in preparation for a big airshow this weekend. It's amazing to see, but the noise is quite frightening. Instead of those happy people walking on the beach after receiving a transfusion of my blood, I start to imagine soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, lying on a foreign street, the victims of our imperialistic greed, with the sounds of fighter jets ringing in their ears.

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