Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Kitchen Fabrics

When we started choosing colors for our kitchen's tile backsplash,walls, and so forth, we were a bit overwhelmed at all the choices out there. My friend, Jan, suggested that we find a piece of fabric that combined our style and color preferences, and then match the kitchen colors to the fabric. We knew that we wanted to have a 40s "feel", so I started looking around at vintage kitchen fabrics. None of these really ended up serving as our palette, but they are so fun and full of energy, that I am still trying to figure out a way to use them in the kitchen, once it's all built.

I love this one because of the Jell-O molds and the aprons. I grew up in the town where Jell-O was invented (LeRoy, N.Y.), and have a certain fondness for it. However, I can't remember the last time I actually MADE Jell-O! The fabrics from the 40s all bring to mind the aprons that moms wore when I was growing up.

This one has the right combination of colors: red, green, yellow, with black accents. However, the red is more of a true red than we ended up choosing for the countertops - ours is more of a wine red. I love the combination of odd things that somehow say "kitchen", but are not the obvious choices - like a cuckoo clock? and a dustbin, and clothes pins.

This last one I include because of the chickens! I love the iconic representation of a chicken. They can be drawn so many ways, and I often have to hold myself back from purchasing cheesy chicken things that go in one's kitchen. When I see them in the store, those hen-and-chick salt 'n' pepper shakers, or roosters on a chalk board, I think - "oh, this would look great in my kitchen!" Then, I come to my senses and realize that I don't want a chicken theme. When my brother John visited last year, he picked up a chicken statue for me at a second hand store. He didn't know why he got it for me, it just called out to him. We happened to be talking about how much I had to hold myself back from buying chickens, and then he presented me with it! So my new kitchen will have just one chicken in it, as a placemarker for all the rest...

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Neha Dhruv said...


I'm looking for kitchen fabric for a quilt I'm making. Where did you get the jello mold/apron fabric? Do they still sell it (crosses fingers)? I need about 2 yards. Please let me know! Thanks! Please email me at nehadhruv1@gmail.com.