Thursday, October 11, 2007

Multi tasking

This week, I've been juggling work and remodeling decisions with trying to spend as much time as possible watching the Sweet Adelines competition that's going on in Calgary. All sessions are being broadcast in video and audio this year, which has been great, but of course it's nothing like being there. I miss being in Canada, my favorite (other) country!

We are re-creating the experience of whispering things to each other during the performance in a much more polite way - we are instant messaging to each other things like "gee I love that song" or "what an ugly costume!". Last night some of my friends in chorus put together a webcast party where we watched our friends compete, projecting the scene up on a wall.

In the meantime, appliances are being installed, doggie door put in, counters measured for, lighting chosen, and so forth. It rained on Tuesday night, and I had a nightmare that workmen came in and were going to demolish the whole house.

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