Friday, October 12, 2007

Rainy day

Another rainstorm came through today, a much stronger one with real downpours and splashy puddles. The house is snug but the patio is drafty, and we had our coffee in the living room this morning. I tried to pull the cat into the house, and he was there til Barb went out to get the paper, and then he bolted. Rudy is not fond of being inside, especially when sharing the space with Lola, our pooch. I think Rudy has been in hiding under the house since then.

We saw the movie "49 up" last night, which is a documentary that follows the lives of some people, re-visiting them every seven years. The focus of this part of the series (there is a 7up, 14up, 21up, 28up and so forth) was how the subjects' lives had been affected by the film maker coming back at the 7 year intervals. I thought about how much people can do when they are held accountable. I wonder what will happen to us in the next seven years, and how would I answer the filmmaker's question - do you have a goal?

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