Tuesday, November 27, 2007

30 minute blast

Well, it looks like I am going to make my pledge of a post a day for a month! It has actually gotten easier, and although at the beginning, I thought I would need a theme or some trick to keep me going, it wasn't that hard to find something to jot down. I find the writing to be mentally stimulating and fun.

At the health club at work, they have offered us free classes during the holiday season, to encourage weight loss despite turkey stuffing and coffee cake. Since I'm such a cheapskate, currently the only classes I take are the (free) yoga classes. When offered something extra for free, though, I have a hard time turning it down. So I signed up for the "30 minute blast" class, assuming that if it's only a half an hour, I can maybe endure it.

I went to the first one today, and although I cheated a little (pretending that my jumprope got caught on my foot when I needed a rest), I did get my heartrate up for the first time in many months. Most of the time, we did the weight training machines, which I find very hard to understand. I managed to avoid some of the workout because I was fiddling with the levers and weight adjustments. Now as I sit here at my desk, I am feeling parts of my body that normally I do not feel, like the side of my thigh. It is not yet unpleasant, but it could be difficult to get up if I don't do it soon. Well, off to a meeting upstairs! If I don't post tomorrow, you'll know it's because that jump-roping caused permanent damage!

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