Monday, November 19, 2007

Bee Calendar

Since my last name starts with B, and for the first 20 years of my life, so did my nickname (Betsy) - until I switched it out for a more lyrical and logical name that resembled my actual given name (Eleanore)- which is another story - I have a certain interest in Bees. I'm not sure if that's why my brother Bob at one time was a beekeeper. He may have had his own reasons. But I do enjoy reading about and seeing bees. Today I happened across an amazing website with a virtual tour of the Prokopovych Beekeeping Museum in the Ukraine. Among the photos was this queen-rearing calendar. The caption says, "The tan-colored inner circle turns, so the development of queens can be predicted."

I also have a fascination with calendars and this is a fabulous one. The Druids used circular calendars with each month represented by a type of tree.

The Mayans and the Egyptians also used cyclic calendars:


R.G.B. said...

I like the BEE calendar. I always liked honeybees, and the three or four years in Richmond that I had from two to eight hives were a symptom of my having to be different in some way. I remember joining the beekeepers association, a weird group of old geezers, and a few gentlemen, and a few young know-it-alls. They all loved bees, though. It was quite an education, like manning the screened in booth without a veil at the county fair with bees landing all over you, and explaining to passers-by that they are gentle, as you wince from a sting on the neck.

Deb said...

I love the bee calendar. I've always loved bees--maybe because they fit with my name, too--Deb(bee). I for a brief time lived on an intentional community/commune in the Ozarks that had hives, and I thought my affinity for bees would make them protect me, but I've been stung hundreds of times. Still love them, though.