Sunday, November 04, 2007

Dashing to Modesto

Notice how clever I am about my "posting every day" promise - since I knew I couldn't post yesterday, I posted twice on Friday. This is the blogging equivilent of "turning back the clocks", which is so screwy that I can never figure out what's going on. This morning I thought it was 10, because I knew that I had not changed the clocks before sleeping. However, because of new-fangled technology, somehow the clock KNEW that is was the date to switch the time. I had fiddled with the clock for several minutes last night, trying to find the toggle to set the time, and gave up. We are staying at a Doubletree, and I guess that is just one of the "services" they offer.

We are in Modesto, which is a mess of a city sprawling across the central valley of California. It's one of those towns that was probably once cute in a western-movie kind of way, then it got dirty in a petro-chemical-insecticide-and-other-gross-industries kind of way, and then grew very large in population in a cheaper-to-live-in-than-the-bay-area kind of way, and now they are making the downtown look more presentablel in a look-like-the-old-west-but-have-gentrified-italian-restaurants kind of way.

PDQ sang on a show held at the new Gallo Arts Center, which is the heart of the new "theater district". It's a beautiful theater and the show was fun to participate in. Barb and I stayed here at the hotel, which feels like a real vacation from our dusty and desheveled house in-the-final-stages-of-remodel mess.

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