Monday, November 05, 2007


Have you noticed how everyone is making lists these days? Life lists, they call them. Hundred places to go before you die. To-do lists on a grand scale. I did make a list like that once, it's in one of my old diaries - I am a little afraid to dig it up and review it, for fear that that the "not-done-yet" part of the list is still longer than the "done" part. I'm sure some of the things on the list are no longer something that I want to, or couldn't do even if I still wanted to (like hang gliding or something).

I do have goals, but mostly my goal is to have time to spontaneously come up with things I want to do, and then have the time to do them. This is not a good way to get things done, I'm certain. But it's a goal none the less.

What is more interesting than things I haven't done yet? almost anything. How about a little list of things I like? My favorite things.

1. Fruits and vegetables that have faces drawn on them.

2. Teapots

3. Hand-painted advertising signs

4. Art cars

5. Flowers

6. Pie and wine and good company

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