Thursday, November 22, 2007

Pie, oh my

We inaugurated the kitchen last night. I made meatballs with pasta and salad. It took me so long to cook a simple meal like that, mainly because most of the tools were still out in the patio, and I had to keep climbing down into the backyard (via the step stool) to find the colander, the salt, etc.

This morning we pulled some of the boxes out of the garage and unpacked the baking dishes and other supplies. One pie is in the beautiful oven, and now I'm taking a break at the kitchen table. The sun is streaming in through the french doors, and honestly we just can't believe that this dream has come true. Granted, the trim is not painted, the lights aren't all installed, the cabinet hardware isn't on yet, but it is a working kitchen, and now the work will not seem as much like work.

Lola doesn't seem to know how to take it in. She is aware of this being a new place to beg for food, but it seems to me that she doesn't like change, and it will take her a while to find her "power spot". She keeps flopping down on the floor in various places, looking around, and barking at the slightest sounds.

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