Saturday, November 10, 2007

Rain, rain

Last night, the sun went through a clear sky, but today it misted up and before we knew it, the mist turned to drops turned to rain. Driving on the freeway was like going through the carwash, with water being tossed towards the car from all directions at once.

I spent the day helping give a vocal workshop, and one of the other faculty said she thought she was coming down with a cold. All I could think of was, why are you here?? Why shower us with your contagion? And on the ride home, I felt my sinuses contracting and a headache starting. Is it psychological? or did she succeed in the transmission? Or is it the sudden moisture in the air, after a long dry spell?

I bought some hot soup and dosed myself with vitamins. I'll put on some Vicks and go to bed early, and perhaps I can talk myself out of this, just the way I may have talked myself into it. After all, there are germs and viruses around us all the time - perhaps it's only when we open the door that they can attach.

What do you think? How strong is the power of suggestion?

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Deb Rox said...

I bet you can give it your best shot to rally against it. It's more likely the cold--but WHY do people still not get it that if they are sick they should stay home? I always want to send them my kleenex/vicks/soup/airbourne/zinc/sick day bill, and call them when I need juice or popsicles delivered. Because popsicles heal.