Wednesday, November 28, 2007

This is the future

Here are some enjoyable retro-future images, from an amazing website full of lists of images called Dark Roasted Blend. I can't imagine how much work it must be to compile this type of posting every day.

Speaking of the future, I have discovered that one way to move into the future is to buy all new appliances for your home. Apparently, since the last time we bought a new appliance, all electronically controlled machines must be equipped with a beeping system. The dryer will beep a series of 3 beeps, 4 times in a row, when it is complete. The washer will beep once when finished, and more if for some reason the cycle is interrupted. The dishwasher has a soft beep at the end of the cycle, although it's by far the quietest new appliance we have. Even the oven has its noises, with the timer and so forth, and it beeps when the oven temperature has reached your desired setting. The other day when I was baking, I felt inundated by all the noises, and when I had finally cleaned up and had gone into the other room for something, I heard one last beep. And then another. What could it be? I thought everything was turned off. I went around to all the appliances and bent down to listen. Another beep. It turned out to be the refrigerator - because I had left the door open. Honestly, is this what we wanted to future to be? I am afraid to buy a new coffee maker.

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