Saturday, November 17, 2007


Tonight my chorus is putting on a show, so we rushed around making our doing-our-part-to-help-the-economy-recover-every-Saturday trips (we bought a front porch light, picked a myriad of possible choices for the cabinet pulls, looked at and rejected some mosaic tiles for the second bathroom, refilled prescriptions). We got it all done in record time, which means there is some downtime to fiddle away here at my blog.

Tonight and tomorrow night we are dogsitting for Stella, which means staying in her spectacularly clean and spacious house for two whole days. It's so lovely to be here, looking at walls that don't have big plaster patches on them, not smelling the mustiness of tile grout and floor dust. You can brush by any surface without getting big swatches of white plaster dust on your sleeve.

The big event of the week was, last night, running the new Bosche dishwasher for the very first time. I geeked out reading the manual and playing with the racks, because they can be adjusted in so many different combinations. Imagine being able to take the silverware bin apart, splitting it so that it will fit in between all the large pots and pans. Well, with this dishwasher, you can do just that, and more. Now, we have some clean dishes, but nowhere clean to eat. I think I'll just leave them in there. The refrigerator works, too, and we had a small thrill when we were laying in bed and heard the tumble of newly made ice cubes falling into the bin.

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Anonymous said...

Life's simple pleasures. Thanks for dropping in to visit my blog. I haven't been singing much in recent years because I've been battling health problems. Not enough energy to produce a very good tone, and my breath control is non-existent. However, I am making some progress toward becoming stronger and hope to get back to enjoying the sound of my own voice. Throughout my life I have turned to music for solace, inspiration, and expressions of joy. It has been very hard not to just open my mouth and sing my troubles away. Here's to better days!