Saturday, December 01, 2007

Blue bathroom

Even as we begin to resume life inside, in the new kitchen, the remodel work continues, with the deck next to build, and the second bathroom to begin. We shopped today for the second bathroom, which has been our "main" bathroom, but will now move into a secondary role as a guest bathroom or powder room. The new bath we built is much larger and has a big shower, so we envision using it more as our main bath.

We have both always loved blue glass, and every time we shop for tile, we are drawn to the blues. We determined we would do one of the baths in blue, and today we ordered the gorgeous blue mosaic that will be the tub surround. It is an opalescent multi colored pattern, called Blue Hawaiian. The sales woman gave us the brilliant idea of letting go of the glass tub surround, that would block the view of this beautiful tile. She used to work at a fabric store, and told us about some kind of great fabric that we could make a custom curtain with, and the type of beautiful rod that would hold it up. It was very freeing to let go of the struggle of finding a custom sized glass surround!

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