Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Holiday spirits

This is the time of year when people either start to enjoy or dread the holidays. My mom was very invested in making sure that our family had a picture-perfect christmas. I think she started out really enjoying it, and by the time I came along, as the fifth child, she was starting to weary of it a bit. All those boxes of trappings to pull out. She made it fun for me, and probably for her, too, when I was little, by involving me as her "helper". She made me a little felt badge that said "Mommy's little helper" and I wore it with pride.

She set up a gift-wrapping headquarters in her sewing room over the stairs. She wrapped all her gifts with whimsical decorations, and they always had hand-lettered gift tags. Every year, she embellished our stockings with a little icon of what we had accomplished or experienced during the past year. We always went to bed on christmas eve and ran downstairs in the morning to a completely transformed living room, full of gifts and sparkling somehow much more than it had the night before.

It was a magical time, and for those memories, I thank my mom.

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