Saturday, December 22, 2007

Let the festivities begin

Slogged through the week at work - most of our department got sick and didn't show up all week. Which meant that those of us who were immune had to hold down the fort and fill in for them. Usually I don't mind working the last week of the year, because there are long lunches and plenty of goodie baskets to keep us sedated. But this year, I had to work hard, which has generally been the case for quite a few months now. So, hurray! we are now off work til after the new year.

Our builder worked hard too this week, to get the house to a point where we could really use all the new rooms. The bathroom looks excellant, with all the hardware istalled and the shower glass enclosure. Even the doorbell is back up, and the way it echoes in the new kitchen gives Lola even more reason to bark like crazy whenever it rings.

We are expecting it to ring a lot this week, with our friends all lined up to come over for eats prepared in the new kitchen. Today, I'll dig out the box in the garage that has my cookbooks, so that I can refresh my memory of meals that I used to enjoy making.

Last night we stayed in the city to go to the new Sundance movie theater that opened in Japantown. Every seat is "reserved", that is, you pick which number seat you want when you buy your ticket, which makes the line move very slowly. The seats are large and arranged in twos, with a little table between each pair. We picked seats that put the table between us, but actually I think it'd be better to pick seats with tables on either side of you, so that there is a table between each of you and the stranger next to you. Then you don't have to listen to them complain about the movie, as we did last night for Youth Without Youth. Although I can't say I blamed them... we didn't like it much, either.

This is one of those films that reviewers will probably love, and put on their "top movies of the year" lists, just to make themselves look like an art snob. It was kind of like a bad Fellini movie (Barb disagrees, because she like Fellini). Every time there was a shot where the person was displayed horizontally instead of vertically (dream sequence), I thought about viewing pictures that I take on my camera after I upload them to the computer, and how I have to make an effort to "rotate" them and save them so that they are easy to view later. Coppolla could have made that effort for us, don't you think?

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