Tuesday, December 11, 2007


My niece is going to have a baby in January, so I have started a little yarn project. I remember that one of the very first crochet project I ever did was on the event of her birth, way long ago in the 70s. I made a couple of funny little stuffed animals. I didn't have any instructions or guidelines, I just kept on stitching until what I had looked about the right shape. The yarn I had then was not very baby-friendly. I may have been using some yarn left over from a pot-holder project! Now, I have some very very soft yarn, and I'm hoping that the youngest member of our clan will enjoy holding whatever it is that I'm making and drool on it. I still don't have any instructions or plans, and in the very same way I did for her mother, I'm holding an dream for this little girl's future in my heart as I stitch.

Oh, and by the way, there is now a name for these funny little crocheted animals, "amigurumi". It must be a japanese crafting trend. There is a even a flickr group.

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