Sunday, January 27, 2008

Politics unusual

It's fabulous to be watching a campaign where I feel there is a choice! I would truely feel great if either Hillary or Barack were nominated to run for President. I will be even happier the day that either one of them takes office. But in the meantime, we have a primary to vote in, and that's where the choice comes in. Obama is an inspiring figure. A young man would bring a whole new generation to the polls. A black man whose assent to power can symbolize the hope of a new beginning.

But really, Hillary is my gal. I bought a Hillary for Prez in 08 button in 2000 and still have it. She has the kind of no-nonsense leadership and powerful friends who will hit the ground running when they get in the white house. I am looking forward to voting for her on Tuesday. But whatever happens, I'll do my best to make sure that one of them makes it in. It's fun to be discussing and comparing and debating.


Anonymous said...
Take this quiz before you vote.

Anonymous said...

I came out to the left of Obama
Johnny Red

R.G.B. said...

I said I would not talk politics, but this is an event: I registered as . . . get this. . . a Democrat so I could vote in the CT primary to vote for Obama. He won in CT because of my vote. It is not that he is my ideal man, but "ABC" any but Clinton is my feeling. Hillary would not be the worst President on face value, but she could not help but keep a bitter rivalry going and extend our terrible political divide because of Bill's controversy and the whole mess of how many pundits and ordinary people hate them not only for the "L" word, but the 140 pardons of criminals, the philandering, the Hassidic Jew scandal, etc. I know there are as many that love them, but a Obama fresh start would be wonderful by comparison as long as the conservatives have no candidate this year.