Monday, January 21, 2008

A straight line

I found this site fascinating. It's a mash-up with google maps that allows you to pick a spot on the map of the globe, and then choose a direction. Let's say I want to travel due east from San Francisco. Heading at 90 degrees east, going in a straight line, when I get to the east coast, do you know where I'd hit the Atlantic? I guessed that I'd go through St. Louis en route to somewhere in New Jersey.

Can you believe it's Jacksonville, Florida??

We are so used to the flattened out map of the world that we can't imagine it in the three dimensions.


Anonymous said...

Why does the line go through Florida?
San Francisco...37.775 N latitude
Uniontown Kentucky 37.7 N Latitude.
Don't we follow the lines of latitude?
Mr Map in Oak View

R.G.B. said...

Changes in attitude, changes in latitude.