Sunday, February 10, 2008


We took a "tootle" around the bay yesterday, where we drove sort of in the direction where we thought we wanted to go, and ended up somewhere we hadn't been before. I thought I had been in Benicia before, but after getting there, I realized that I hadn't. It's a charming little town where there are many Victorian homes, a nice large grid of streets around an old-fashioned main street which ends at a long pier into the Bay. We had lunch outside a cafe (our first warmish day of the season), and we were struck at the number of teens and kids that were tooling up and down the street on bikes, foot and skateboard. It seemed like a Marin town, but instead of kids being carted around in SUVs, they were actually on the street. A large number of dogs were sighted, and Lola enjoyed the fancy dog treat store quite a bit (she poured on her charm, to finagle many samples).

Some of the stores were still the older type, with hand-lettered signs. There were a lot of empty storefronts, and mixed in were day spas and bars.

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