Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Where no man has gone before

CBS is now serving up all the original shows from the original Star Trek series. I have always been much more into Star Trek than Star Wars, despite the fact that I ended up working for Lucas instead of Roddenberry. This year, there is going to be another Trek movie, and friends of mine here at work are created special effects for it, so perhaps I've come full circle.

Star Trek: the next generation was superior in almost every way to the original series, but the originality of the first shows can not be contested. As much as I cringe when watching Capt Kirk get the girl every time, and those uncomfortable mini-skirts, it was trend setting to have Uhuru there at all. I always enjoyed Mr. Spock, and the strange chemistry of the three main characters. I heard that the next movie has re-instated the mini-skirts, because it takes place earlier in the time-line than the original series.

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