Tuesday, April 08, 2008

D is for Downey Street

From 1980 to 1989, all the following people lived at 158 Downey Street in San Francisco. This list of those who lived there and how they were "rated" at the end of the era by a group of the former housemates in 1989.

Leah - longest tenant, 1st business at home, tact queen, 1st computerized phone bill/list, 1st punk hairdo, appliance queen
Barb - fart queen, roho queen (rolling hostess), DJ queen, 1st spouse who moved in
Grant - wife queen, tipped the balance to more males than females
Tedd - teen queen, most intense, phone queen, 1st microwave owner, angry queen
Eric - faerie queen, 1st tv/vcr owner, most houseguests, 1st wall-to-wall carpet
William - string been queen, garden queen
Teresa - clean queen, most tranformed, 1st fart queen, 1st dust buster owner, 1st house stereo owner, queen of the lump sums
Doug - tallest, straight queen, 1st subletter, least funny comedian
Rhodes - least stuff in shortest amount of time, greyhound bus locker award
Gene - most stuff and phone calls in the shortest amount of time
Danalan - house dork, most names, 1st ex-lover to move in
James Bergeron - slept with most roommates and guests, sex queen, 1st to live in the basement
Charlie - art slob moderne, shrink wrap queen, 1st vacuum cleaner owner, 1st coffeemaker owner, mirror queen, burp queen, 1st art studio in house, trend queen, 1st sixth housemate, strangest shoes
Betsy - invisible, most girlfriends, 1st to paint room, best stuff
Gus - best cook, chef queen, 1st male companion, coffee queen
Michael - in and out prize, caused most girls' tears, 1st car owner, 1st separate phone line, best pot, money fret queen, shoplifter queen (tied)
Martin - best xmas present-giver, photo queen
Connie - fret queen, toast queen, tenant power queen
Hilary - migraine queen, cry queen, 1st to volunterily move out, most nerdy boyfriends
Sue Bishop - anti-stereo queen, 1st one kicked out
Nilos Nevertheless - bat, wierdest food, s&m queen
Laura Mae - space queen, most not present for someone who was here, 1st beard
David Dalechek - smoker queen, most depressed queen
Bob Amey - most things in storage
Steven Diverde

Breeze - hump queen, size queen
Dreams - 1st cat kicked out (see Michael)
Monroe - most talkative cat
Nelson - pee queen

Special awards:
Big Man of the Record Collection - Barb
Big Man of the Handsaw - Eric
Big Man of the Toilet Bowl - Teresa
Big Man of the Front & Back Doors - Barb
Big Man of the Kitchen - Teresa
Big Man of the Fireplace - Connie
Big Man of the Basement - Charlie
Big Man of the Landlord - Connie
Big Man of the Water Filter - Leah
Big Man of the Food Bill/phone bill - Leah, formerly Teresa

Weirdest Guest nominees: Australian woman (told Connie "your nipples are hard"), Danalan, Mike Mayo, Janet (Hilary's friend who slept with James)
Best costume on a guest: Jorge, Gay Freedom Day 1983
Honorable mention - Fred Oberg (most house items donated)
Broken toilet award: unknown
Best neighbor award: Roosevelt & Nate (how you bof?), Matthew
Worst neighbor award: Bitch, Red man
Wives awards: Teresa & Leah
Best kept secret: The Secret Thing

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