Friday, April 11, 2008


Silly as this alphabet blogging theme seems, I guess it will keep me posting for a while! E is the letter for my first two names: Eleanore Elizabeth. I have four Es in there, including the problematic final E of Eleanore. It's grandma's name, and she once told me that she had added that final E herself, wanting to control the way that others pronounced her name. She hated the sound of "El-uh-NER", and thought that by placing the E at the end, people must say "El-uh-NOR". Well, that assumes that everyone knows the rule about lengthening a vowel that has an E following it, which is a stretch these days. On my birth certificate, I noticed that the final E is written in different ink than the rest of my names, so I'm guessing that someone corrected it after Grandma saw it.

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