Friday, April 11, 2008


In Europe, we were taken with the tiny Smart cars. I heard Smart Cars were coming the US, and I signed up for one. It finally arrived, and the dealer people started calling me up. Tax week is not the week that you really want to buy a car. We might even wait a while, as our current cars are paid off and we don't really feel like starting up another monthly payment. But we really wanted to test-drive it, so we went down there today at lunchtime.

The car was great, but the folks that worked there weren't so smart. Despite the fact that I had spoken with them three or four times on the phone before showing up, they didn't remember that I was non-committal about buying. They couldn't believe I didn't want to go into the backroom and discuss "financing" (I think I'd rather get all my teeth pulled out).

They had put my name on the very car I had ordered. However, I didn't get to test drive MY car. They had told me on the phone that I had to wait until MY car came in before I came down to test-drive it. Again, not so smart.

We were surprised that it didn't feel as little as it looks. Of course, it was a lot bigger than those tiny little European models. There was plenty of room for the dog in the back.

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Anonymous said...

I drove a smart car through the streets of Santa Monica during an environment fair at the airport.
I really liked the paddle shifters, the acceleration, the size and the whole concept , but I felt it was so stiff , almost without shocks , that a long ride would tear me aprt.