Saturday, May 31, 2008


The backyard was landscaped after our remodel was done, and now everything is growing nicely. Including a lot of "volunteers", as Jennifer calls them, plants that we call weeds because they are growing where we don't want them. I spent a good part of the morning pulling things up, especially the pernicious little guy that sends out stalks in all directions, producing nasty little burrs as seed pods. There is plenty of clover-like stuff, that looks pretty this time of year, but I know it gets ugly later on. It's crowding out the pretty lavendar and other purple flowers that we'd rather have. The tiny-leaved elfin thyme that was planted among the flagstones is doing well, and has almost doubled in size. But there is still dirt between the plants, and in each little patch, something else tries to grow.

Today I lay down one extra flagstone by the gate, because Lola and other visiting dogs had taken to digging in that one vacant spot. Eventually they may have succeeded in going through to China, or at least under the fence.

Some neighbors were having a plant sale and we picked up a couple of caraval hollyhocks for a spot by the other fence, under a bird feeder. I hope I can keep their plot free of weeds long enough for them to get a good start.

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