Thursday, May 01, 2008

More waxwing

When I got home the day I saw the waxwings in the morning, the holly tree was stripped of berries, except for the very bottom of the tree along one branch. The birds had returned during the day, Barb reported, but flew away when the dog approached. But just now, I heard the unusual whir of their call and saw the tree moving. More than 10 cedar waxwings sat high in the tree, sunning themselves in the last rays of the day. I grabbed the binoculars and watched their beauty. One grabbed a mosquito-eater bug out of the sky and gobbled it down.

When some neighbor banged a garbage can loudly, they flew in a great rush out of the tree and disappeared. The body is dun-colored around the "shoulders" and then transistions to yellow on the belly. The yellow is exactly the same yellow as some of the holly leaves, and so they blend in quite well. Except for the fact that they are very large birds, and have a dramatic crest and that they flair up, and look like they are wearing incredible eye makeup. They are Broadway birds..

Also, the peonies are blooming. They are such old-fashioned flowers. Something about their shape and delicate whiteness makes me think I am looking at a victorian painting of a flower, not a real flower.

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