Monday, May 12, 2008

Outside of time, in a foreign country

I am in Connecticut, a state which I always have to focus on while I type, to make sure I put the "connect" in it. I'm not sure why it's not pronounced "connect I cut", it would make it more fun to say, for sure. What I want to write about is how this state feels like a foreign country to Californians. Things are familiar, but just a little different. You know that's a house, but gee, it has three stories and a big porch and a $350,000 price.. so it can't be a house, it has to be a boarding house or B&B. That looks like a bridge but the date on it goes back to the 1600's. Incredible!

And the food is different, too. It seems closer to food that you'd get in Europe. The cheese is more authentic. The portions are huge. My theory is that the cook's grandparents are still living around here, and they are picky about the recipes being exactly like the one the brought from the old country. Either that or they are actually working in the kitchen. Out west, the cooks' parents split from their family and travelled out to see new places. They tasted a lot of different food and thought it might taste good if they mixed a little mexican pepper, say, in with the tomato sauce recipe that their italian grandma made. And grandma wasn't around to complain.

We are outside of time because we are spending time in a hospital, and that is innately a place with its own schedule and rotation. We aren't at work or doing our regular routines. We are living in motel and driving around on unfamiliar roads and making a lot of phone calls. We are thinking of time that we have not been together and trying to be "here" for each other now.

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