Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ships plus camera

I got a new camera recently, because my little old Canon Powershot finally clicked its last. I still haven't thrown it away, because I loved it so. I knew it was about to go, and had already shopped for its replacement, but I still felt bad. Until today, when I stepped out for lunch to see the Tall Ships Parade. I walked down to Chrissy Field, near the Yacht Club, and zoomed my new Powershot SX100 15 out over the water. Despite a large view screen, my aging eyes could not tell at all if the "AUTO" setting had successfully focussed on the ship. I trusted and clicked anyway.

Imagine my pleasure when I got back to my desk and took a look at the photos! I think now I'm ready to toss the old camera away.

(be sure to click on this image to see the large size of the photo...)

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