Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wednesday at the convention

What an incredible day - from prowling the t-shirt booths in LoDo to waiting for Hillary to release the delegates at the convention center - then the dramatic roll call! I love the moment in a convention when exhaustion (or the drama of it all) allows my emotions to rise up and carry me away. That moment for me was as each state was called upon to tell their vote count. Each state representative had a moment to express their love of their home. "Maine, where the sun first rises", and so forth. Each speaker had a different approach, but I was flooded with love of the land. The sports teams were mentioned, as they are emblematic for pride in ones' place. The state slogans and geographical wonders were mentioned. People sure love their own home. Anyway, we got up to New Mexico in the alphabet when they ceded their vote to Illinois (who had passed before). Then Illinois ceded to New York! what is going on!!?

From my perch high up in the Center, the delegate floor waa a constantly changing sea of color, depending on the signs that were being passed out. Each speaker was preceded with a flood of volunteers in flouresent green vests, holding a zillion signs with the appropriate message. At this moment, the signs were red, and the floor was swirling with excitement. As I watched, the red sea below me suddenly parted, spread apart by a black river of men in suits. At the head of the river, there was a turquoise

My photos are here.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Family of Democratic Media

Here we are in Denver, at our first ever Democratic Convention. Despite the fact that I've been a Democrat since before I could vote, and have watched them all on tv, I never thought I'd actually be at one. The heat is extreme, the crowds are crazy (how CAN these men stay in their suits and ties is beyond me), but the thrills are greater. We pressed through the throng on the floor and got close to the California delegation, waving at our friends, the Marin delegates. Then we headed to the sky box where John was diligently working for KFWB, perched high above it all, but directly across from the stage. We tucked ourselves into the scaffolding and sat down to take in Hillary's brilliant speech.

The media seems determined to find conflict here. They are pressing everyone to say that the Hillary supporters are standing firm and will not accept Barack's nomination. But this is just looking for trouble - everyone we have talked to is ready to UNIFY and take back the reins of the country.

Here's a great shot of John in action!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Jane Hammond

Another great exhibit at the de Young Museum was that of Jane Hammond, a collagist. I especially enjoyed this work, "My Heavens". It inspires me to make a collage of my own, a star map with updated, imagined, constellations.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Scrabulous film

Some friends of mine made a great little documentary called "Absolutely Scrabulous". You can help them win cash by voting for it online!

They interviewed me last Tuesday and had the film done by yesterday.. the concept of the contest is that you had to make a short film in a weeks' time. I haven't watched all the other entries yet, but so far this one is by FAR the best. (I don't think I'm biased.)

A day at the museum

We went to the deYoung yesterday to see the Dale Chuhuly exhibit. This Seattle glass artist has turned his vision into an almost mass-produced quantity of the most beautiful colors and shapes that you can imagine. It was a feast for the eyes. Despite my love of bright colors and the fantastic juxtapositions of orange and cobalt and red, my favorite room was the understated (for him) basket room. One wall was lined with shelfs covered with Navaho baskets, shades of brown and beige, warm and earthy in their texture. Mingled with the baskets were basket-shaped bowls of glass, clear glass blown with shades of "tabac", which perfectly blended with the baskets. Some little weaving style elements were melted into the sides of the bowl to accentuate the basket inspiration.

In the same large room, on the opposite wall, was a huge collection of Pendleton blankets, hung in a large grid so we could see the large patterns and beautiful colors. In the middle of the room, there was an immense wooden slab table that was covered with larger bowls and glass shapes, again made in the tabac color.

The glass flowers and plant-like spires and curlicues were mounted on huge sheets of black glass, that made a mysterious dark mirror, reflecting the incredible colors in another tone. You could imagine jumping into that netherworld and swimming among the glass roots of the imagination.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

On the bus

This morning I took a seat next to a woman who appeared to be over 85. Her walker was perched in the handicapped area and she couldn't have been over 5 feet tall. I already had my ipod in my ears, but I greeted her and sat down. Before we got to the bridge, she couldn't restrain her curiosity and she tapped my hand, asking about the device. She wanted to know if it was a radio. We chatted for a while about how things that she saw in Dick Tracy had all appeared to become a reality. I showed her that the ipod could even display video, and she was even more amazed.

She told me she was headed into the city on a weekly outing to the senior center at the Maritime Museum. She said that she did sculpture there, and that there were classes for all kinds of art. She grew up drawing, but now that she has macular degeneration, she has begun to sculpt.

I hope I'll run into her again. She reminded me that it is more interesting to chat with your seatmate than it is to listen to Dick Tracy's ipod.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Long in the 'tooth

Since hands-free became required, I have been struggling with my cell phone in the car - putting it on speaker phone seemed to require more handling than just holding it up - I had to balance it on my lap, grabbing it when it started to slide down to the floor - find the speaker button, etc. Also, the people I was talking to never seemed to be able to hear me very well, and I found myself YELLING at the damn thing and .. well, forget it. I tried some bluetooth earpieces but my ear is quite floppy and nothing seemed to stay in place.

I was thinking, why doesn't my phone just have a clip on it, so I can clip it to my visor and use it that way?

At Costco last weekend, I found the perfect thing! for $40! which is way less than the darn earpieces. A visor-shaped bluetooth device that finds my phone, is easy to operate, and uses my phone's voice recognition. I turn it on, it says "say a command". Then I say "call Barb". It says, "did you say, call Martha?" I say "no". It says "did you say, call Barb?" I say "yes!" It seems to be getting a bit smarter each time. Only one button needs to be pushed, and it never falls down to the floor.