Sunday, August 17, 2008

A day at the museum

We went to the deYoung yesterday to see the Dale Chuhuly exhibit. This Seattle glass artist has turned his vision into an almost mass-produced quantity of the most beautiful colors and shapes that you can imagine. It was a feast for the eyes. Despite my love of bright colors and the fantastic juxtapositions of orange and cobalt and red, my favorite room was the understated (for him) basket room. One wall was lined with shelfs covered with Navaho baskets, shades of brown and beige, warm and earthy in their texture. Mingled with the baskets were basket-shaped bowls of glass, clear glass blown with shades of "tabac", which perfectly blended with the baskets. Some little weaving style elements were melted into the sides of the bowl to accentuate the basket inspiration.

In the same large room, on the opposite wall, was a huge collection of Pendleton blankets, hung in a large grid so we could see the large patterns and beautiful colors. In the middle of the room, there was an immense wooden slab table that was covered with larger bowls and glass shapes, again made in the tabac color.

The glass flowers and plant-like spires and curlicues were mounted on huge sheets of black glass, that made a mysterious dark mirror, reflecting the incredible colors in another tone. You could imagine jumping into that netherworld and swimming among the glass roots of the imagination.

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