Friday, August 01, 2008

Long in the 'tooth

Since hands-free became required, I have been struggling with my cell phone in the car - putting it on speaker phone seemed to require more handling than just holding it up - I had to balance it on my lap, grabbing it when it started to slide down to the floor - find the speaker button, etc. Also, the people I was talking to never seemed to be able to hear me very well, and I found myself YELLING at the damn thing and .. well, forget it. I tried some bluetooth earpieces but my ear is quite floppy and nothing seemed to stay in place.

I was thinking, why doesn't my phone just have a clip on it, so I can clip it to my visor and use it that way?

At Costco last weekend, I found the perfect thing! for $40! which is way less than the darn earpieces. A visor-shaped bluetooth device that finds my phone, is easy to operate, and uses my phone's voice recognition. I turn it on, it says "say a command". Then I say "call Barb". It says, "did you say, call Martha?" I say "no". It says "did you say, call Barb?" I say "yes!" It seems to be getting a bit smarter each time. Only one button needs to be pushed, and it never falls down to the floor.

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