Thursday, August 07, 2008

On the bus

This morning I took a seat next to a woman who appeared to be over 85. Her walker was perched in the handicapped area and she couldn't have been over 5 feet tall. I already had my ipod in my ears, but I greeted her and sat down. Before we got to the bridge, she couldn't restrain her curiosity and she tapped my hand, asking about the device. She wanted to know if it was a radio. We chatted for a while about how things that she saw in Dick Tracy had all appeared to become a reality. I showed her that the ipod could even display video, and she was even more amazed.

She told me she was headed into the city on a weekly outing to the senior center at the Maritime Museum. She said that she did sculpture there, and that there were classes for all kinds of art. She grew up drawing, but now that she has macular degeneration, she has begun to sculpt.

I hope I'll run into her again. She reminded me that it is more interesting to chat with your seatmate than it is to listen to Dick Tracy's ipod.

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