Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wednesday at the convention

What an incredible day - from prowling the t-shirt booths in LoDo to waiting for Hillary to release the delegates at the convention center - then the dramatic roll call! I love the moment in a convention when exhaustion (or the drama of it all) allows my emotions to rise up and carry me away. That moment for me was as each state was called upon to tell their vote count. Each state representative had a moment to express their love of their home. "Maine, where the sun first rises", and so forth. Each speaker had a different approach, but I was flooded with love of the land. The sports teams were mentioned, as they are emblematic for pride in ones' place. The state slogans and geographical wonders were mentioned. People sure love their own home. Anyway, we got up to New Mexico in the alphabet when they ceded their vote to Illinois (who had passed before). Then Illinois ceded to New York! what is going on!!?

From my perch high up in the Center, the delegate floor waa a constantly changing sea of color, depending on the signs that were being passed out. Each speaker was preceded with a flood of volunteers in flouresent green vests, holding a zillion signs with the appropriate message. At this moment, the signs were red, and the floor was swirling with excitement. As I watched, the red sea below me suddenly parted, spread apart by a black river of men in suits. At the head of the river, there was a turquoise

My photos are here.

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