Monday, October 20, 2008

Inspiration for art

We went to a lovely art studio last Friday night. There was an artist there who was showing her paintings. Next to the paintings, there was a short written explanation, telling about one night that she had experienced years before, where she found herself in an English forest full of little campfires. She had used that night as an inspiration for all of her paintings.

I was struck by how one magical evening had spawned so much artwork. I thought about how many interesting moments and peak experiences I have had in my life, and how fun it would be to use those moments as jumping-off places for art. I don't know why this has never occurred to me before!

I am starting a list of moments that might be used in this way.

-the night we saw a constellation of a blender in the sky
-the first time I saw Paris
-my first earthquake on a train in Japan
-swimming in Rio, and the carnival drums be continued