Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cheers, Mike

Today I heard that a man I worked with for almost ten years has died suddenly. He was laid off a couple of months ago and no one had seen him since. Mike was an outsider who was proud to be that way. He grew up in a strict Mennonite family and prided himself on his free thinking and anarchistic beliefs. He was one of the smartest people I know, able to pull up philosophies - and the quotes and book titles to amplify them - at the drop of a hat. He lived life fully, enjoying regular trips to Mexico (thus the tequila) and fast rides on his motorcycle. He had a beautiful wife and two young children. I'm so sorry that they will not have more time to learn from him.

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Anonymous said...

Found you via NaBloPoMo--

I lost a good friend, almost a second mother this past month. I am so sorry, too, that you lost your friend.

I encounter writings from people on the internet, and get really buzzed, and then find out they DIED 15 years ago. :-(

I guess all we can do is be grateful that we had the chance to know them when we did. G.