Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hokitika, New Zealand

I once spent an afternoon in Hokitika, New Zealand, and I can't seem to get this place out of my head. It's a little community of about 3,000 people, located on the west coast of the south island. The Tasman Sea stretches bluely into the distance from the wide beach. A large meandering river forms its southern boundary, and there is farm land to the north. A tiny airstrip is on the rise just outside of town. The town itself is made up of a grid of 5 blocks by 12 blocks.

To my mind, this little town is the place where I would live in as if in a fairy tale. I would be an artist, making iconic pieces using drift wood and home-spun yarn. I would stop for tea everyday and would collect string and colored ribbon. I'd be the old lady in boots and overalls who'd give the kids penny candy and never miss a political meeting, where I'd rant about ecology and water. I'd have a lot of cats and an old dog.

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Barbara Tannenbaum said...

If its a fairy tale, can you still be 33 years old while you live in Hokitika? You might find evidence of an alternative future, such as owl feathers from a Santa Venetia palm tree. But otherwise, the shoreline and sidewalks yield up the treasures of the South Pacific.