Friday, March 29, 2013

Personal changes

This past year, I shed nearly 50 pounds. How did I do it? The think system. I decided that if I could win three regional contests in a row, I could certainly lose a few pounds. Winning a singing contest seemed impossible for decades, and then, it happened, and then it happened again, and again. So, decided I would lose weight. I told one friend that I was going to lose weight, and I started to track what I ate (in a phone app) and how often I walked, and how far. I also bought a scale. They say that self-monitoring is becoming a fad, and that people are using all sorts of technological gadgets to track everything they do. I see how addictive and effective this can be. I am not interested in crowd-sharing all my details, I don't need to attend weekly meetings where people praise me, I don't want to follow a special diet.

Now I am satisfied with my weight and have maintained it for about 4 months. I am not tracking my food, but I still weigh myself daily.

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